Michael Pope sold his successful midtown bike messenger company to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker. Out of money and with only half of a terrible film in the corner (opposite the piles of unpaid bills), he desperately scanned the back of the Village Voice where he found the ad: Men. Phones. No Sales.

“It's important to understand, what we do here isn't real” his soon-to-be-boss would say, “this is the Theater of the Imagination.”

Michael shares his story of following his dreams at all costs and discovering his own ability to deliver edge-of-your-seat fantasy at $2.99/minute, becoming legend in the minds of men (and women) calling in from across the United States.

Channeling the late, great Henry Miller, this one man show takes adults of all ages and orientations on a rollercoaster ride of absurdity, obscenity, and the true spiritual meaning of “nothing left to lose”.



Pope, a New York City native, is a filmmaker whose music videos for the likes of Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds and Gene Dante have made MTV, rage, and Logo rotation and have seen premieres on People.com, Spin.com and Pitchfork.com. As artist, filmmaker and racounteur, he united hundreds of artists from the United States and the Czech Republic in a crowd-sourced “primal scream of creative expression” to create his award winning surrealist tome NEOVOXER.

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